We rebranded and repositioned
work world as an essential destination for essential workers.


Work World orange logo hat on man  outdoors

Realizing a new brand vision

The new owners of Work World, a head-to-toe workwear retailer, asked Vehicle to redesign the brand to be more contemporary, to help reposition the brand to be more relevant, and to help create a unifying look and feel for their online and in-store presence.
Worker using saw with sparks wearing Work World logo t-shirt
Work World collage of people working says "We've got you covered."
Work World collage of people working says "We've got you covered."

Brand positioning in a word: Respect

Two key insights from our target research guided our approach to positioning: Many blue collar workers often felt disrespected and most of them have little time to shop after work or on weekends. These insights informed the brand positioning of honoring and respecting those devoted to an honest, hard day’s work. From respecting their time by making products easy to find quickly in-store and online, to honoring their professions in heroic brand imagery, we've made it clear that Work World exists to support them.
Work World website design
Work World Instagram

Essential tools for brand building

We provided the Work World team with a set of tools to inform ongoing brand development as they expand their reach. The brand narrative, brand voice, and brand positioning are all articulated in a guideline designed for internal and external reference to keep all communications on brand. The graphic and imagery guidelines help ensure the brand is represented cohesively and consistently across all channels.
Work World brand guidelines
Work World business card design

Project Scope

Research & Insights
Strategy & Positioning
Identity Design & Development
Identity Systems
Brand Voice / Tone
Creative / Art Direction
Retail Shops & POP