highview: transitioning to a new name and a new brand identity with confidence.


Highview logo printed on material
setting the bar high
B/2BNOW, a data exchange solutions provider, engaged Vehicle to create a new visual identity, develop a strategic framework for messaging, build a new website, and launch campaign assets. Also, our initial research supported the need for a more unique brand name in addition to visual differentiation.
Highview website displayed on a mobile device
About that name...
The B/2BNOW name felt limiting and un-ownable – and it only focused on the present. We developed the name Highview because of its open, future-facing quality as well as the way it suggests the elevated vision of the company.

Say hello to vision elevated by experience. Say hello to Highview.

Expressing the complex simply
"SAP EDI solution for S/4HANA Public Cloud Services through integrated blockchain" is a complex notion, so we focused on the benefit to simplify things. The company's deep experience provides them with a unique foresight to recognize industry challenges and opportunities for their clients - much like the elevated vision of the giraffe. The giraffe ‘h’ is a memorable icon packed with symbolism.
Animated highview logo displaying spinning circle and silhouette of a giraffe
Highview business cards laid out on a table alternating the front and back sides
We developed graphic standards with a warm, vibrant color palette for photography and icons, plus friendly typography to reflect Highview’s down-to-earth company culture.
A spread from the highview brand book displaying the logo and brand colors
A gradient of colors with circles selecting the highview brand colors within the gradient
Gradient Highview cloud sharing icon
Gradient Highview cloud sharing icon
Gradient Highview cloud sharing icon
Orange Highview shopping cart solutions icon
Green Highview solutions icon
Dark green highview solutions icon
Light blue bull market solutions icon
Dark blue networking solutions icon
Man sitting at desktop computer with ecommerce website open and petting dog
Subtle color treatment to the photography creates a distinctive look while providing a unifying visual thread for all graphic brand elements.
Bustling and active business meeting environment
Geometric and gradient forms creating paths and connections
Business meeting between people having a conversation
Person with white finger nails holding smartphone
Downtown area of city at dawn
Birds-eye-view of city at dawn
The human touch
The website was designed to reflect the company’s emphasis on relationships, featuring human-centered imagery and approachable messaging. The site was built on a user-friendly platform that the client could update themselves.
Landing page of highview website displayed on laptop
The "our solutions" page of the highview website
Large header of highview website displayed on smartphone
Highview "our solutions" paged displayed on smartphone
Large header and image on highview website displayed on a smartphone
spreading the word with swag
Tradeshow swag encouraged attendees to carry the Highview brand into their everyday life.
Thermal coffee mugs with highview logo displayed on side
Man in white t-shirt with highview logo printed on the front
Man in white t-shirt with highview logo printed on the upper back

Project Scope

Research & Insights
Strategy & Positioning
Identity Design & Development
Identity Systems
Web / Mobile
Social Media
Messaging & Content
Brand Voice / Tone
Video / Motion Graphics
Creative / Art Direction
Brand Guidelines
Integrated Campaigns