LinkedIn asked us to design an employee resource group identity system that aligned well with the master brand.


Designing a sense of belonging at LinkedIn
LinkedIn has always known its best advocates and brand champions are its employees. As a company, they encourage formation of Employee Resource Groups to help their people find kindred communities within the company.

LinkedIn challenged VehicleSF with the task of solving this problem: How can we uniquely celebrate each individual group identity while maintaining cohesion to the LinkedIn brand? How can we express authentically diverse active communities while maintaining consistency?
the challenge: Balancing individualized expression with brand unity
The original ERG logos were developed by the individual groups to use at events, in communications, and on social channels to promote their cause. But it soon became clear that these various group identities, though expressive, did not family well visually with each other or with LinkedIn.
Creating employee affinity group expression
Working closely with the LinkedIn brand team, our approach was two fold:

First, we met with representatives from each ERG to glean their perceptions of their existing identities and to confirm additional desired objectives.

Second, we audited LinkedIn’s existing brand elements and ultimately decided to align the identity architecture with their "World at Work” brand illustration (by Jamie Jones for Wolff Olins). This graphic illustration style presented a perfect range for individual expression, while relating visually to the mother brand.
Placing the 'in'bug at the heart of each of the employee resource group identities creates harmony and cohesion, while a wide range of shapes and colors allows each group’s individuality to shine through.

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