Designing a best-in-class journey through the Google ecosystem even technophobes can't resist.


Did they say "spaceship"?
Google came to us with an exciting creative brief: "Create an open space to learn, explore, recharge, and be delighted by the best-in-class experiences Google offers. Design a shop that is part classroom, part playground, part museum, part spaceship, and all Google.” Yes!
Attract, engage, and connect with the brand
Our retail design team designed a sleek, inviting space to grab interest from a distance, and used warm wood and gentle curves to extend a friendly welcome from the brand. The large Google Earth portal, intimate experience bays, cross-device stories, and comfortable phone recharging den gave visitors many different ways to engage with the brand.
Designing a journey for everyone
Consumer journeys and touchpoints were central to every design decision we made. We mapped out how different personnas would interact with the products and the retail space to ensure a high degree of brand engagement. Whether enticing reluctant technophobes with large screen entertainment or presenting exciting cross-device demos for Google devotees, our retail design made it easy for everyone to immerse themselves in the brand ecosystem.

Project Scope

Research & Insights
Strategy & Positioning

Retail Shops / POS
Creative / Art Direction