Dabkick lets you share media in real time with friends? Show me.


Real time sharing with Dabkick
Startup DabKick is a live media sharing app for people who want to enjoy their favorite videos, music, memes, and photos together with friends and people with common interests. Their patented “media call” technology enables users to instantly share and enjoy media with multiple users at the same time, within the same screen. DabKick tasked us with creating two videos to tell their story – a brand video about the excitement of live sharing, and a product video to explain the nuts and bolts of the app.
Women with headphones and smartphone dancing with the word "better" imposed over imagePerson holding a smartphone which is displaying Dabkick media sharing application
Dabkick video stills, people using application on smartphone Person Dj'ing music at a party with giant bunny mask over his head
Smartphone using Dabkick application with typography that says "Connect & control media as you share" imposed over smartphone3 stills of smartphones all using the Dabkick application
3 friends streaming their good time with the Dabkick smartphone application Friends hanging out on a beach with type imposed over image saying "DJ music while sharing"

Project Scope

Research and Insights
Strategy & Positioning
Video / Motion Graphics
Messaging & Content
Brand Voice / Tone
Creative / Art Direction