celebrating a 35 year legacy IN the snow & skate GAMe - back to the future style.


Pogo, a German snow and skate brand founded by engineers and snowboard pioneers, asked Vehicle to create a campaign to promote their 35th anniversary celebration. Our campaign mined the ‘80s for stylistic elements to evoke the brand’s long and colorful past.
Two men hiking in knee deep snow carrying snowboards on their backs
Gloves and materials to make snowboards sitting on a work table
"back it up now"
Pogo's legacy of craftsmanship and style inspired our video that celebrates the brand's signature products throughout time and the retro nature of the project inspired running the archival footage backwards. The eye-catching zebra stripe design found on the bottom of many of their classic snowboards became a key graphic element in the program.
Dramatic poster of extreme snowboarding imagery and colorful graphics with the POGO 35 years logo
Dramatic invitation letter with extreme snowboarding imagery and colorful graphics with the POGO 35 years logo
The 35th anniversary t-shirt design captured founders Martin and Jogi’s love of surf culture that originally inspired them to start the company in 1983.
Male modeling POGO 35 years logo graphic tee in dark and dramatic lighting
Man modeling in front of brick wall with graffiti displaying the back of POGO 35 graphic t-shirt with an abstract snowboard and geometric palm tree
Buzz-worthy Share-worthy
A 35th anniversary animated gif helped Pogo promote the event on their website, in social media, and in an announcement email. Our team also developed an Instagram promotional strategy to create social media buzz around the brand’s anniversary.
Pogo instagram displayed on smartphone showcasing the new branding project for their 35th anniversary

Project Scope

Web / Mobile
Video / Motion Graphics
Identity Design & Development
Creative / Art Direction