How to be the best? We created "Pay Your Dues" to show what it takes to be a champion.


Training at the highest level
As the world’s leading brand for equestrian footwear and clothing, Ariat has a diverse array of elite professional athletes devoted to the brand. From bull riders, to hunters, to ropers, to barrel racers, to Olympic jumping champions, these athletes are all unified by their connection to Ariat's devotion to superior performance.
Ariat "Pay your dues" campaign imagery of man staring seriously in to camera
Mac in gym modeling an Ariat shirt
Women in gym working out, doing a handstand in Airat workout gear
Leveraging elite athlete affinity
Vehicle developed the “Pay Your Dues” brand campaign to highlight Ariat's training apparel and footwear through the training regimens of several well-known athletes who embody Ariat’s DNA of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment to excellence.
Ariat pay your dues workout clothing website landing page displayed on desktop computer
Fully integrated campaign
Our team shot and produced a series of 30-second commercials that juxtaposed each athlete’s workout with scenes of them performing at their sport, kitted out in Ariat training apparel and footwear.

In addition to the videos for broad social media use, we created print and digital ads, in-store elements, and an landing page featuring all five athletes.
Man in Ariat pay your dues workout attire working out in a gym
Man in Ariat pay your dues workout attire doing crunches in gym
Man modeling in Ariat pay your dues workout attire in gym
Multiple images of man rubbing powder on hands in image displayed on screen
Man in Ariat pay your dues workout attire posing in gym

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