Anki's Cozmo deserved a retail experience as engaging as its AI fueled personality.


going big at retail with the little guy
Anki is an award-winning entertainment electronics company that brings robotics into everyday life. We partnered with their team to design and develop an engaging global retail display program that would highlight their pint-sized robot Cozmo and show off his larger than life personality.
Our retail Mantra: Attract - Engage - Connect
Our retail design leveraged Anki’s bright yellow brand color to draw attention in store and a clean aesthetic that would be approachable for early technology adopters. We also used video to attract shoppers and highlight Cozmo’s strengths – his AI-assisted emotions, personality, and voice.
Removing purchase barriers in-store
We refined existing Anki brand messaging to be more retail focused, with the goal of removing any possible purchase barriers, appealing to the child and parent alike, and making sure Cozmo’s irresistible personality cut through the clutter. Our team customized videos for retail by editing existing “Cozmoments” and adding video captions to highlight specific features shown by consumer research to impact purchase decisions.
Strategic Amazon messaging
We also adapted this retail-specific messaging for use on Amazon, with a similar motive of removing purchase obstacles and spotlighting Cozmo’s charm.
Robots without borders
To manage the multinational scope of this effort, Vehicle lead weekly video conference meetings with Anki team members in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and San Francisco, ensuring retail brand consistency worldwide while addressing localization issues.

Project Scope

Research and Insights
Strategy & Positioning
Retail Shops & POS
Video / Motion Graphics
Messaging & Content
Brand Voice / Tone
Creative / Art Direction