Forging a global message for Scoot: The future is shared electric mobility.


3 people riding scooters with scoot logo imposed on top of the image
A person making a slight turn on a scooter with typography stating "the power of sharing" imposed on top of the image
A person riding an electric bicycle with typography imposed over the top of it saying "...and electricity"
Two people in small electric car making turn and leaning out window with large typography impose above the image that says "can take anyone anywhere
Creating a vision for the sharing future
In cities all over the world people need fast, affordable, sustainable mobility. Scoot’s mission of “Electric vehicles for everyone” made it one of the first companies to fulfill that need with a mix of shared, smartphone-activated electric vehicles, all perfect for city life.

Vehicle partnered with the executive team at Scoot to develop a communication strategy that would bring their vision of a shared electric future to targeted cities around the world. They currently operate in San Francisco, Barcelona, and Santiago, and will be launching in more mobility-forward cities soon.
Looking down on busy downtown area of city with caption that says "the city is a triumph of human ingenuity."
Busy city street with caption imposed on top of it that  says "10,000,000,000 trips are taken everyday."
Image of busy city street with caption imposed above it that says "air pollution, noise pollution, traffic congestion, mobility inequity, no parking"
Person riding a scooter and a caption imposed above it stating "the answer is sharing"
Scooter vs car icons stacked up and caption saying: "together we can fight"
Simplifying a complex narrative
We created a narrative that speaks directly to mayors and transportation officials, utilizing a simplified graphic language that demonstrates how Scoot is the key to solving top-of-mind congestion, pollution, mobility, and parking issues in their city.

Scoot is united by their mission and culture of valuing each other, our cities, and our planet – and we’re proud to have had a hand in their continued success.
A person making a slight turn on a scooter with typography stating "the power of sharing" imposed on top of the imageConvoluted image of map showing how many more places a scooter can go compared to a car
An illustration that compares the number of parking spaces are available on a city blockA graphic illustration of a group of scoot products and comparing them to permissionless dockless  bikes
Scoot electric vehicle being parked with typography imposed on top of it that says "scoot is the future of shared mobility."

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