The X factor: Helping harley-davidson develop a brand to launch on the other side of the world


Graphic of motorcycle rider on Harley-Davidson X motorbike.

brand design and guidelines for a successful global expansion

Vehicle worked closely with the Harley-Davidson brand design team to develop Harley-Davidson X, a line of motorcycles aimed at the Chinese market. We designed the italic X to be a dynamic element that, when cropped, serves as a graphic arrow boldly pointing the way forward. Special attention and care was given to the weight and spacing of the identity's letterforms to ensure fidelity when applied to various forms of production, like metal stamping and blind embossing.
Graphic of Harley-Davidson X logo.
Graphic of Harley-Davidson X digital ad.
Graphic of Harley-Davidson X poster.
Animated gif of Harley-Davidson shop-in-shop retail comps.

a mid century modern vibe visual center  

Bold use of the X letterform with generous negative space and extreme scale juxtaposition creates a clean, modern language that aligns with the target audience's sensibilities. We created prototypes of ads, point-of-sale graphics in retail environments, and product accessory packaging, as well as a set of brand guidelines to address usage of primary logos, typography, color palette, and product logos.
Visual of Harley-Davidson X dimensional X pattern and handlebar X.
Graphic of Harley-Davidson X handlebar grip packaging
Graphic of Harley-Davidson X mirror cover packaging
Visual of Harley-Davidson X brand guidelines.

Project Scope

Identity Design & Development
Brand Guidelines
Brand Architecture & Hierarchy
Creative / Art Direction
Print & Packaging
Retail & POS