1:Am wanted to lead the street art culture in social connection. The app was the first of its kind.


connecting the global street art community
Vehicle developed the concept, UX design, and art direction of the 1:AM mobile app – a community-driven photo app that uses geo-tagging technology to let users capture and view street art images around the world.
A street art lover's must have
We are proud of this app's UX. Features like Nearby, Latest, and Top-Rated make it easy to keep up with new art with the touch of your thumb. Instant geotagging makes it a snap to shoot, upload, and share new street art discoveries with the world. And when you are traveling, you can preview nearby street art before heading over to see it live.

streamlining the ui to the most basic forms keeps the focus on functionality and the art.


Project Scope

Research & Insights
Strategy & Positioning
Web / Mobile
Messaging & Content
Brand Voice / Tone
Creative / Art Direction