San Francisco's Civic Center needed a better reflection of their thriving community. We helped Them shine.


Branding a San Francisco neighborhood revival
The City of San Francisco reached out to VehicleSF to develop a new brand identity for the Civic Center neighborhood and community benefits district. The city had a vision of renewed vibrancy and dynamic public engagement for the neighborhood and wanted a new brand identity that sparked excitement among its constituents and activated a collaborative pursuit of realizing this vision.
Capturing the heart of the city in a mark
Centrally located in the city, this grand civic space is home to iconic cultural institutions like the opera, the symphony, and the ballet, as well as vibrant restaurants and nightclubs - all anchored by the magnificent architecture of San Francisco City Hall.
Radiating a renewed civic vitality
Inspired by the floor patterns at the City Hall rotunda, the dynamic lines radiating from two concentric C’s suggest the vibrancy of a neighborhood located in the center of the city. The multiple shapes emanating from the center suggest a public gathering space. The palette nods to another SF icon, the Golden Gate bridge, while the form is open, welcoming, and modern.
Special emphasis was given to a highly functional and adaptable single color white version of the identity, knowing it will often be applied to different colored surfaces throughout the city.

Project Scope

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